When you can’t count on perfect WiFi, Beatport LINK PRO and Beatport LINK PRO+ provide the world’s first offline streaming storage capability for DJs based on Pulselocker technology. With 50 or 100 tracks instantly available in your DJ performance software, you’ll never be interrupted. Combine with your collection for hours of extra music ready at your fingertips. This long-awaited innovation makes Beatport LINK performance-ready for DJs who use a laptop or compatible Denon hardware.

Bring the world’s biggest record shop into your laptop. Trial and mix full tracks from Beatport’s nine-million-strong catalog straight into your DJ performance software before you buy for the club. Combine them with your own collection, your personal playlists, and artist-curated lists for the ultimate set. With LINK, get ready for your gig anytime, anywhere.

If you’re just starting out, Beatport LINK helps you instantly discover and play with over nine million tracks. Jump right into the mix without having to build a collection. All you need is a compatible controller, and you’re good to go. Stream directly from Beatport’s expertly curated playlists, or playlists from the world’s biggest artists, labels and clubs.

To use Beatport LINK you will need an active internet connection and a LINK compatible DJ software. You can see the complete list of connected partners and the essential technical requirements here:

Beatport LINK optimizes access to audio content for both online and offline usage improving your audio playback experience by:

– Store temporary music files for streaming (i.e. as cache). This means that when you press play on your DJ performance software, you hear the music immediately with few interruptions.

– Providing an offline Locker for storing Beatport tracks for playback in DJ performance software where an active Internet connection is unavailable or undesirable. (Beatport LINK PRO and PRO+ users only)

To use Beatport LINK through mobile data, we recommend a 4G/LTE connectivity with a minimum of 5Mbits throughput. We recommend consulting your mobile data provider for transfer speeds and data costs.

– Beatport LINK: AAC 128kbp/s

– Beatport LINK PRO: AAC 256kbp/s

– Beatport LINK PRO+: AAC 256kbp/s

Beatport Link also works with Rekordbox DJ, Virtual DJ, DJPro, DJUCED, and WeDJ music software. For more details, tutorial videos and official website of this product please visit https://link.beatport.com