London Music Conference is London’s premier electronic music conference, accelerator and showcase festival. From January 30th to February 1st, 2020, LMC20 will offer a diverse, fascinating array of next-level events and content that will help to define a new vision for conference events. Key to this vision is the LMC Accelerator Program, a technology-powered, experiential platform designed to incubate the careers of music artists and provide an array of vital opportunities for record labels and music technology developers.

Content contained within the LMC20 program will exist within 5 core channels; ACCELERATOR, AWARDS, EXHIBITION, CONFERENCE, FESTIVAL.

LMC’s launch in October 2018 positioned it as a vibrant alternative to traditional music conference events, one grounded in a vision of creating real, meaningful opportunities for artists and music professionals. In 2020 the conference will expand and redefine its scope of operations to create a music conference unlike any other. We welcome you to LMC20, London‘s electronic music culture platform.

London Music Conference | London’s premier electronic music conference, accelerator and showcase festival | Plazma Records News


LMC20’s Accelerator program offers rising electronic music artists and producers a valuable opportunity to supercharge their careers by gaining access to an array of next-level solutions to help them to reach new audiences, connect with labels and explore the music technology space. Accelerator empowers artists to engage with top A&R professionals, play shows, build relationships with brands and secure and confirm releases on a handpicked selection of partnered labels including Axwell‘s Axtone imprint. The opportunity to participate in the Accelerator program is available to any serious artist from anywhere in the world and aims to foster the creation of amazing new music on a global scale. The LMC20 Accelerator is presented in partnership with a community of profile brand partners who contribute to program content including Label Worx, Native Instruments, Arturia and Yamaha.


LMC20 will offer Accelerator participants the opportunity to pitch their music directly to a hand-picked selection of the world’s best indie labels. Intending artists apply to participate and are reviewed by our team based on the caliber of their music and the depth of their published repertoire. Labels are then given the opportunity to make offers for any record(s) that they want to release with a comprehensive marketing and PR solution provided by LMC to help power releases. Five winning artists will receive a supported single release via one of our partnered labels, with a comprehensive promotional and marketing package provided by LMC partners to support each release.


The top 50 highest ranked artists (the LMC50) will be highlighted as part of a focused PR campaign in an effort to promote their music and generate interest from new fans and journalists. 5 winning artists will receive a comprehensive PR and media campaign via Music Tech, Mixmag and Jukebox PR. Each of the five winning artists will receive a supported release package, LMC’s Accelerator partners will provide a wide range of free of charge marketing, PR, distribution, rights admin and promotion to support the release of a single via one of our partnered labels.


Five winning artists will be chosen from the top 50 cohorts by a panel of judges, with winners announced at the LMC Awards ceremony. One of our five winning artists will be given the opportunity to play a set at the LMC Awards Ceremony, live from Fabric London on 30 January. Each of the top 50 highest ranked artists (the LMC Final 50) will be offered the opportunity to play a set from the main room at Fabric London. An array of other performance opportunities will be made available to the LMC Final 50 at events included in the LMC Festival program.


This year during the conference you will be able to hear and meet some of most recognised names in the scene, some of them working in the background, but for sure being a key ingriendient in the music soup. In various venues and locations make sure to learn from the best. From Head of Ninja TuneMatt Black to a Producer, DJ and Live ActRobert Babicz, also more familiar names like Steven Braines, Greg Marshall, Hannah Holand, Duncan JA Dick, Megan Bean, Michael Kill, Negla Abdela, Sam Speaight, Scuba, Third Son and much more. There is a massive feed of face-to-face communication within all possible sides of music industry, from A&R to radio hosts, event promoters, nightclub owners, artist managers, founders and CEOs. See full list of speakers on LCM homepage.



10:00 AM – Conference director Sam Speaight cuts the red ribbon and provides an insight into the mission, vision and direction of London Music Conference in 2020 and beyond.

10:01 AM – LMC20 Tech Workshop series with Grahame Farmer the CEO of Data Transmission

10:30 AM – Expand your career potential by understanding the diverse array of revenue streams that are available to electronic music artists.

A successful career in today’s ever changing industry space requires an adept approach to access a wide array of opportunities, yet many artists seem to struggle with really accessing all the revenue streams available to them. Ashley Howard of PRS For Music leads an exploration of the full spectrum of revenue streams available to electronic music artists and producers and unlocks a wealth of valuable information to help artists take their career’s to the next level.

SPEAKERS: Scuba, Scott Patterson (Night Department), Megan Bean (Hospital Records), Ashley Howard (PRS For Music), Simon Birkumshaw (Label Worx).

11:00 AM – This LCM20 Workshop will be lead by Konstantin Baikov the Head of Global Partner Ecosystems at Agora.io. During the time main topics will be covered.


Vinyl, then cassettes, then CDs, then digital downloads, now streaming, what’s next? While VOD remains popular, more companies, brands, and individuals are seeing the benefits of implementing live video in their platforms and content strategies. Live broadcasting, in particular, has seen a rise in popularity. A combination of live video and interactive broadcasting, live broadcasting drives more interaction between the host and viewers, increasing engagement and contributing to an overall stronger user experience.

Live streaming vs. live broadcasting

As live video has taken off, the term “live streaming” has become a buzzword and a catch-all term for all live video-related viewing. There is a difference, however, between live streaming and live broadcasting. While the technology is very similar, the way users experience and engage with the content is very different. We’ll show how Agora helps customers around the world create powerful solutions for Entertainment industry.

The opportunities

Live Streaming and Live broadcasting can open up a wealth of opportunities for the influencers and brands who use utilize this form of live video, including more channels for monetization, new ways to market products and services, and new platforms for creativity and sharing information. See how Live Interactive streaming coupled with AR and VR experiences can dramatically change the way companies distribute their content.

12:00 PM – The Workshop of Korg will be lead by their product specialist Luke Edwards.

12:25 PM – Can London’s scene erase class divides by harnessing innovative new business models for making club events profitable and affordable? With the cost of living always rising, it is important to remember the local people who make any scene thrive and welcome them to the city’s biggest clubs. But is electronic music shutting itself away from people on modest incomes? This panel addresses solutions for making electronic music events affordable, profitable and available to all.

SPEAKERS: Frank McWeeny, Darren James-Thomas (FMLY Agency), Alex Donald (Free from Sleep), Jasmine Azarian (MOTZ), Dylan First (One House Artists), Ranen Ekubia (Printworks).

1:00 PM – DnB Producer, Music Tech journalist and software production expert, Tim Cant will explore how using the sometimes controversial technique of master bus clipping can help producers of any level achieve loud mixes, pre-masters and masters. This event is part of LMC’s Tech Workshop Series and takes place in Fabric Room 3.

1:15 PM – The electronic music industry can be really tough. Loneliness, social media pressures, social anxiety, dealing with rejection, drugs, alcohol, challenging finances… all of these are issues that pervade the electronic music landscape. But is the industry doing enough to assist those affected by such issues? This panel addresses real, practical solutions to identifying and treating the causes of work driven mental health problems through innovation and self empowerment

SPEAKERS: MOD Nemone (BBC 6 Music / Psychotherapist), Ben Croft (Heels & Souls), Sam Hall (Goldierocks / IO Project), Stuart Glen (The Cause), Peter Leigh (Key Changes).

2:00 PM – Music piracy has entered a new realm since the dawn of the streaming revolution, contrary to popular belief music piracy and content hijacking has actually increased with the proliferation of streaming technology and this workshop addresses a range of innovative strategies and new technologies available to artists and labels to maintain control of the records and maximize IP revenue in the digital space. This session will be lead by Ben Rush the Co-Founder & CEO of AudioLock

2:15 PM – Women in Music platform Little Pink Book brings together leading ladies in electronic music to discuss the importance of young women having inspiring industry role models in the strive towards equality.

SPEAKERS: Roberta Hickey, Arielle Free (BBC Radio 1), Nadia Khan (CTRL Management & Women in CTRL), Sarah Beaumont (BBC Radio 1Xtra), Sophie Bloggs (Machine Management)

3:00 PM – Afrofuturism is the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science and technology seen through a black lens. Presented by Sonaaar, a platform connecting black communities through arts, culture and heritage, this panel takes a deep dive into the creative movement of Afrofuturism from within the African diaspora and highlights the intersections of the black experience of arts, culture, science and technology. Some of the most exciting Afrocentric music artists in the UK today will explore the intersections of afrodiasporic cultures and electronic music with the rise of Afrobeats, Afro-trap and Afropop genres.

3:05 PM – One of the most exciting – and defining – features of London’s club scene in 2019 is its collectives: the grassroots, ground-up, groups of like-minded friends and artists creating communities, club nights and in some cases even careers for themselves. Mixmag Editor Duncan Dick hosts this conversation with representatives from some of London’s finest – including MOTZ, No ID and Touching Bass.

SPEAKERS: Duncan Dick (Mixmag), Jasmine Azarian (MOTZ), Sammseed (Touching Bass), NAINA (No Id).

3:55 PM – Exploring how labels sign tracks, develop relationships with artists and invest in new talent. Taking an in-depth look at the different parts played internally from label manager to PR. Get a real understanding of what drives the label business in the modern era and find solutions for taking control in the label game whether you’re an artist a manager or a label professional.

SPEAKERS: William Ralston (XLR8R), Matt Tolfrey (TheOne800), Reju Sharma (Armada Records), George Connolly (Young Turks), Luke McFarlane (Future Disco)

4:00 PM – As more and more producers look to move away from staring at a screen and using the mouse, Third Son hosts a masterclass on stepping away from the DAW, and using hardware to get hands on in the studio. He’ll be showing how he uses Arturia‘s BeatStep Pro sequencer and Pioneer DJ‘s Squid as well as a modular synth setup to create music from scratch using only hardware. This event is part of LMC’s Tech Workshop Series and takes place in Fabric Room 3.

5:00 PM – DJ and producer Hannah Holland shows off her studio production techniques, breaking down a track in her chosen DAW, and showing the inner workings of her creative process. This event is part of LMC’s Tech Workshop Series and takes place in Fabric Room 3.

5:35 PM – Point Blank Music School and YouTube legend Ski Oakenfull hosts one of his special track deconstructions, showing how a classic London track was made in Ableton Live. He’ll explain the musical elements, as well as the production techniques, building the track up from scratch using the popular DAW and Push 2.

5:50 PM – Imagine a world, where music producers get notified instantly every time their music is played on a live performance, a broadcast or on social media. These real-time insights would enable creatives to promote their music better, connect to the artists playing their music and the audience that hears it and ultimately gather a comprehensive picture of their royalty rights. We at seeqnc built the world’s first platform to track music usage and notify creators, labels and rights organisations in real-time. In this tech workshop, the founders will provide first-hand insights into the mission, the values and the technology behind seeqnc, with live-demonstrations and a special sneak-preview of unreleased features.

SPEAKERS: Bernhard Famler – CEO & Co-founder of seeqnc, Albert Gruber (AlBird) – Director Artist Relations & Co-founder of seeqnc.


10:00 AM – We need some more girls in here! Little Pink Book have recruited some of the most exciting DJ’s of the moment to run a DJ workshop for girls by girls. All levels welcome. This event is part of LMC’s Tech Workshop Series and takes place in Fabric Room 3.

11:00 AM – Don’t touch that dial! Pirate radio stations may have come and gone, but online radio is thriving like never before. Here, we examine the impact of the contemporary radio landscape and ask what’s next for this ever-important musical medium.

SPEAKERS: Frank McWeeny, Danny Howard (Radio 1), Jaguar (BBC Radio 1), Sarah Story (Capital FM).

11:00 AM – Music career should be about vibing with creative gods, not endlessly scouring for gigs and posting updates online. In this workshop, you’ll learn how Viberate connects artists, venues, events, and other industry players into the world’s first truly global music network, and how your profile can help you boost your career. This session is lead by Vasja Veber the Co-Founder and Business Development Director at Viberate.com

11:55 AM – Like it or not, social media has greatly impacted how we consume music. On this panel, some of the industry’s leading social media professionals discuss where it’s headed and examine how to devise new strategies to use it to your advantage.

SPEAKERS: Roberta Hickey, Jenny McHale (Rising Digital), Marcus O’Sullivan (Circulate), Negla Abdela (Ministry of Sound), Robert Masterson (Mustard Media), Robbie Murch (Identification of Music).

12:45 PM – The UK’s festival landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. We examine some of the issues facing festival owners, promoters and bookers in the modern age, and address unique ways to advance and innovate the traditional festival business model to explore new opportunities and anticipate future trends.

SPEAKERS: William Ralston (XLR8R), Mark Newton (Broadwick Live / Printworks / Magazine Club), Greg Holmes (Festicket), Firas Waez (Snowbombing / Waze & Odyssey), Preye Crooks (Strawberries & Creem).

01:00 PM – During this workshop, veteran Drum and Bass/Jungle producer and mastering engineer Sappo will show you all his production and mastering techniques to make your tracks stand out, translate well on any system, and ready for either a digital or vinyl release.

1:30 PM – Following recent comments by DJs such as Jeff Mills and the high-profile closure of numerous music media, this panel examines the current music journalism landscape, questioning its future and asking if enough is being done to protect the integrity of quality writers.

SPEAKERS: Reiss Bruin, Ben Beaumont-Thomas (The Guardian), Duncan Dick (Mixmag), Charlotte Lucy Cijffers (DAZED), William Ralston (XLR8R).

02:00 PM – Want to know the secrets of success that have helped the UK’s leading promoter’s survive and thrive where so many others have failed? This panel looks at the career pathways of some of the UK’s top electronic music promoters and event professionals and delves into the strategies they’ve employed to stay ahead of the curve and reach the top.

SPEAKERS: Ranen Ekubia (Broadwick Live), Sarah Cole (AEI Media), Kimi Otsuka (Mouth to Mouth / Broadwick Live), Andrew Hill (Baltic Weekender / Abandon Silence), Duncan King (Skiddle).

2:20 PM – Palestine Underground by Boiler Room, 4:3 and Ma3azef documents the resilience of a burgeoning music scene undeterred and fuelled by political restrictions, building bridges through a shared sound and identity. For the past ten years, Palestinian music collective Jazar Crew have been fostering a vibrant party scene in Haifa, as an alternative to the mainstream club scene in Israel.

Thanks to the internet, they connected with artist in Ramallah, Palestine, and defied the separation wall to travel to the West Bank and organise events with Techno DJs Sama’ and Oddz, and members of the tantalising hip hop and trap scene, with collectives like Saleb Wahad and Bltnm. Palestine Underground follows a week in the life of these artists and friends, in the lead up to the first Boiler Room in Ramallah in June this year.

A part of Contemporary Scenes – uncovering underground collectives, artists and subcultures from across the world. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with producer Jess Kelly.

3:00 PM – AI is creeping its way into all aspects of our lives – including creatively. With a selection of the industry’s most revolutionary companies, we discuss the impact of artificial intelligence, automation and machine learning in the studio, the booth and online.

Some of the UK’s leading specialists address current trends and talk about what new technologies are likely to appear in the music production / DJ‘ing space that utilize machine learning and automation in the years ahead. This event is part of LMC’s Tech Workshop Series and takes place in Fabric Room 3.

SPEAKERS: Helliene Lindvall (LANDR), Ben Rush (Audiolock), Speaker TBC (Pioneer), Speaker TBC (Roli).

3:10 PM – How do the creators of the music played by DJs in their mixes at events ensure they receive the royalties due? This panel organised in co-operation with AFEM looks how rights are remunerated and at the tech services seeking to solve the issues of identifying the music played so creators are paid their due.

SPEAKERS: Greg Marshall (GM, Association For Electronic Music), Ashley Howard (PRS For Music), Yuri Doktor (DJ Monitor), Michael Kill (NTIA), Silvia Montello (AWAL / Kobalt).

4:00 PM – A vibrant, constructive symposium on the past present and future of London’s electronic music culture landscape, addressing real solutions to stem closures and keep London’s club culture thriving.

SPEAKERS: Michael Kill (Night Time Industries Association), Mark Davyd (Music Venues Trust), Sam Speaight (London Music Conference).

4:00 PM – A selection of some of the UK’s most exciting black music producers, DJs and electronic music artists discuss their experiences of breaking into the music industry in the UK address positive solutions to help people of color access the UK music business space and overcome barriers of language, culture and class.

SPEAKERS: Shingai, Joshua McGovern (Tectonic), Roseau, Alfie Carreira.

4:45 PM – The recent fire storms in Australia and extreme weather events across the globe call for an urgent solution and this panel aims to address what the music industry and the artists that populate it can do to help inspire social change for a better, greener, more sustainable planet earth. This panel focuses on what is being done within the electronic music industry to address solutions to climate change and how music artists can inspire people to take action to make a difference to the future of the planet in the face of the mounting threat of global heating.

SPEAKERS: Matt Black (Coldcut / Ninja Tune / Jamm Pro), IMOGEN (Resident DJ, fabric), Tristan Hunt (Association For Electronic Music), Speaker TBA (Extinction Rebellion).

4:50 PM – Ninja Tune exists as one of the defining electronic record labels of the 21st century, its unmistakable signature sounds and ground-breaking artists have been at the forefront of music innovation for two decades and the label has not only stood the test of time but continued to flourish through an uncompromising commitment to doing things its own way. In this fireside talk, the label founder and one half of legendary production duo, Coldcut, takes a look back at the hallowed history of Ninja Tune and talks about some of the innovations and bold strategies that have kept the label at the bleeding edge of electronic music culture for more than 20 years.

4:50 PM – Neighbouring rights are one of the most overlooked and misunderstood revenue streams for labels & artists in the industry space today. This panel offers a deconstruction of neighbouring rights and alternative sources of IP revenue and provides an insight into how artists, publishers and labels can maximise revenue by taking control of the various alternative revenue streams.

SPEAKERS: Ian Penman (New Media Law), Sam Birkwood (Kobalt Music).


5:25 PM – London’s club scene has been the birthplace for many of the defining moments and movements in the development of global electronic music culture. London’s club venue landscape has been through a tough time in the last decade and adapting to the status quo has required venues and promoters to upgrade and innovate to stay relevant and to keep the user experience for clubbers fresh and engaging. This panel addresses the innovations and new strategies that have kept some of London’s top venues and promoters at the cutting edge of the global scene and takes a look forward at some of the methodologies and new technologies that will keep in there in the years ahead.

5:25 PM – Accessing the lucrative European touring, festival and record markets often presents significant challenges for many artists from outside of Europe including artists from the UK. This panel addresses solutions for artists and labels wanting to build and grow their European fan base and offers insight and understanding on how to crack the EU market from some of Europe’s leading electronic music industry professionals.

SPEAKERS: Meike Nolte (Beatport), Jose Woldring (Media Nanny), Albert Gruber (Seeqnc / Ballroom Records).


11:00 AM – THIS EVENT TAKES PLACE AT ‘SMITHS OF SMITHFIELD’ (NEXT DOOR TO FABRIC). Want to learn how artists like Tiësto, Sonny Fodera, CamelPhat, Jess Glynne, Solardo, Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer cracked the UK radio market? Well then talk to the team that helped them do it. The media assassins from electronic music specialist radio and print PR firm Infectious PR provide artists and managers with a deep dive into what it takes to break into the competitive UK radio market, what radio plugging is and why you need it. Infectious’ heavy hitting client list includes some of the best in the business, and they have supported many A list DJ’s and urban artists in their fight to through into the UK radio spotlight. The role that print and other forms of PR coverage play in driving demand from UK radio programmers will also be analysed in an all encompassing round-up of how to take your radio airplay from zero to hero.

11:00 AM – LMC have partnered with SAE to bring you BEAT LAB, a series of focused tech workshops at SAE Campus taught by high caliber recording artists and DJ’s. In this hands on workshop Native Instruments‘ UK product specialist and veteran DJ / producer, Dave Clarke, better known by his artist name D.A.V.E. goes for a deep dive into combining software and hardware to merge studio production, DJ’ing and live performance into single, highly effective workflow. D.A.V.E’s DJ career has seen him grace the decks at many of the UK’s best clubs including Ministry of Sound, The Garage, Mother Live, 333 and Sugar Hut, to name a few. The workshop aims to helps students expand their production focus and attack music creation and performance from a completely new perspective.


12:00 PM – THIS EVENT HAPPENS AT ‘SMITHS OF SMITHFIELD’ (NEXT DOOR TO FABRIC). Break through on BBC Radio, particularly Radio 1, 1 Xtra and 6 Music, has been a turning point in the careers of many UK and international household name artists. In this insightful analysis, a group of the leading minds behind BBC Radio provide an expose of how artists, managers and labels can position them to get picked up and played by the BBC, and most importantly who drives the content selection decisions of BBC radio programmers from specialist spot play to prime time rotation.

12:30 PM – In this next level production session Certified Ableton Live Trainer, Mel Uye-Parker gets students skilled up on how to breath life into their tracks: tips on humanizing your production. She spend her time helping Ableton and other music tech and education providers create next level training solutions and she brings a wealth of understanding on Live and Max For Live technique to the Beat Lab for this special event. This workshop aims to helps students expand their ability to develop a signature sound by going beyond traditional programming and editing techniques to add new dimension and vision to traditional production workflows.


1:00 PM – Forging a career as a younger artist has never been tougher and the quick path to success often alludes younger artists, meaning they face a decade of hard graft before they break through. This panel creates a platform for younger artists to discuss solutions and share knowledge around their journeys through the electronic music space, and provides label and managers of younger acts and DJ’s a valuable insight into how to make a breakthrough happen before its too late.

2:00 PM – Agency is all about timing and successful artist to agent relationship are often difficult things to maintain while artists and DJ’s are still in the first 10 years of their career. This panel invites some of the UK‘s top independent agents to provide an insight into how and when artists should aim to secure an agent and what it takes to make the relationships between artists and agents stay functional, strong and prosperous in the short and the long term.

2:00 PM – Robert Babicz is a true electronic music pioneer. From his days a regular on the decks at Sven Vath‘s Cocoon club in Berlin, to releasing multiple times on John Digweed‘s Bedrock label to DJ’ing for Pete Tong‘s BBC Essential Mix program, Robert’s skills as a producer have stood the test of time over 2 decades. In this workshop, Robert provides practical techniques and hands on training on how to program, mix and produce drums for house and techno.The workshop aims to helps students expand their production focus and attack drum production from a new perspective.


3:00 PM – This helpful session allows artists to get up close and personal with indie label A&R‘s and get on the spot feedback on records that are either recently or not yet released. Artists are invited to bring their records with them on USB and our A&R professionals will play their record and give constructive on the spot feedback about why they would, or would not, sign their record.

3:30 PM – What does it take to hone your craft? Will Kinsella would know. The Irish born, Berlin-based producer is no stranger to the grind. He’s built a wealth of experience, a deep record bag and world-class production skills, honed during his time spent studying electronic music in all its facets. During his 20 year career he’s performed alongside the best in the business including Radio Slave, Alan Fitzpatrick, Matador and Joseph Capriati. His Hybrasil live project debuted in 2016, on the Dublin leg of Sven Vath’s World Tour. His most ambitious project took five years to develop. For this, he wrote a live show entitled ‘Spaces’, performed with Jeff Mills & the National Concert Orchestra at Dublin’s Bord Gais Theatre.

Will brings his encyclopedic knowledge of music production and live performance to Beat Lab for an intensive workshop focused on production techniques for both live and release applications.


5:00 PM – Robert Babicz has been at the forefront of techno and tech house evolution for 2 decades. In this fireside talk he deconstructs his approach to music production and DJ‘ing technique and provides an insight into how he went from experimenting with DJ’ing to releasing on labels like Bedrock, Intec, Selador.

For event tickets, workshops and discussion locations and more detailed information, recent updates can be found on www.londonmusicconference.org.