The 2018 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards are now open for submissions. The deadline for your nominations is Thursday 26 April and the shortlists will be announced on Thursday 10 May.

This year, the awards will include 29 categories, which are split into four groups: Best Online Music Show, Best Online Radio Station, Best Online Radio Personality and Best Online Talk Show.

Below there’s a link to nominate Plazma Records Podcast for ‘Online Music Show’. We’re agitating so we could see those like-minded people, community of electronic music, people that enjoy our end product. If you think we have done a great job, you should consider nominating us to the biggest online music award ceremony.

On this occasion we are happy to highlight you some of the latest and well charted mixes of March month. If you haven’t heard it, time to catch up and get familiar!

Dani Sbert was 31st in the minimal chart, 54th in the minimal techno chart and 58th in the deep techno chart.

Cactus Twisters were 24th in the minimal chart, 53rd in the minimal techno chart and 57th in the deep techno chart.

• Ryan Michael Robbins is 11th in the minimal chart, 20th in the deep tech chart, 31st in the minimal techno chart and 38th in the deep techno chart.

• GORDDINO and his birthday mix was 15th in the minimal chart and 39th in the minimal techno chart.

Join us every Monday at DI.FM minimal channel from 5 PM GMT for exclusive techno and minimal music. For April we have left Ektoplazma, SNCTR and Webby. All of them spreads dark techno energy during the whole session.

See the timings below for your convenient time and day, preferred artists and station.

Monday – 5 PM GMT –
Thursday – 12 PM GMT-3 –
Friday – 1 AM GMT –
Saturday – 10 PM GMT –
Saturday – 7 AM GMT+9 –
Saturday – 7 PM GMT+1 –
Saturday – 12 AM GMT+3 –