One of the most known female DJs in the world of techno is Anastasia Topolskaia, better known as Nastia. She has recently launched her music label NECHTO. A platform on which she will seek to represent the sound of dance music made in her home country, Ukraine.

So far NECHTO has seven releases planned, all by ‘unknown names’, as Kyiv-based label states. Most of the producers come from Nastia’s native Ukraine, such as Splinter UA, Voin Oruwu, Recid and Vitaliy Symonenko. Other scheduled artists are from Russia and Tunisia – Knigi and Ben Khlifa. And the godmother of the label, Nastia, will be releasing music on the label under her new alias, SHEIS.

“NECHTO is an open platform for everyone, it’s a label with no pretenses,” Nastia told Resident Advisor. “I want to use all of my power to push other artists who are new to this. I want to make the process simple for them, and make everyone see how easy it is to release music if you just make good stuff.”

The first EP NECH001, a four-track EP credited to an unknown artist, is out since December 13th on. Buy it here.

Back in 2018 Carlos Hawthorn had an interview with Nastia. Read it here.

Also have a taste of her latest mix recorded live at Brave! Factory Festival.