SpringSessions | Plazma Records Podcast

16th season of our podcast, over 200 guests so far on four different radio stations around the world with exclusive sets broadcasted for you. First show takes place March 6th, same day we are having a release coming out on iTunes, Amazon and Beatport made by AGLR and remixed by Florian Frings, Rosper and Sudo. Release received great feedback from Dubfire, Paco Osuna & many others.

Guests of March

First guest of March with his exclusive set is member of Minus and face of 5D Records – Florian Frings. He will drop you his trademark Techno and Minimal music and present his remix for AGLR. Next guest is Gabriel Ferreira. Tracks he will play are all created by him and non of them are released, yet. Great opportunity to hear Gabriel’s latest music mixed by himself. 20th of March evening will be dedicated to August Jacobsen from London, who is familiar with city’s clubbing culture, often a guest at WetYourSelf at Fabric Club, played alongside Peter Pixzel, Demi and many more local heros. And the final of March, our good friend, currently based in Lithuania, DJ and producer – Cheh. In short period of time he took over Lithuania’s club culture, got familiar with standards, places and movement: playing at venues like Lizdas and Cult, also traveling in Europe having his gigs at various places.

Guests of April

Elmar Strathe will participate on the show 1st Monday of April, showing us his latest tracks. Recently he released his album “Existed.Live” on 5D Records, which is running with him and Florian. I have no doubt that you’ll hear great stuff in his exclusive set. Week after will be with Ice Machine, guys standing behind this project is MRDIE and Le Nardo. They are performing live acts and been playing alongside Alan Fitzpatrick, Brian Gros, Paco Osuna and more well known artists. 17th of April evening will take place with Seldon from Budapest. He’s a DJ and event promoter in Hungary, organises parties with Occer, AGLR, Ode Maen and many others. By the way Peter has his own radio show on Digitally Imported called “Sonovisor”. Last guest of April is Copilco a.k.a Philip Röder from Berlin, who discovered his sound during new year’s eve party in Hackney, some underground place. Copilco was my favorite of the night, played mixture of Techno and Electronic, did it professionally and qualitatively. Philip works with Civil Disobedience Records in London and New Port Records in Berlin and he recorded a special mix for Plazma Records radio show.

Guests of May

Last month of spring sessions will be with Swan Decamme, founder of Curiosity Music, DJ and producer from France. He’s been playing around Paris, Belgium and on 7th of May he will play in Barcelona at Pacha club. I bet you have the picture of his movement and idea, hear his exclusive set on our radio show. Our next guest is Acid Fonk, french as well, he’s playing and producing Techno music like deep, dark and Minimal. Currently working with Illegal Control, Plusquam Minimal and Railroad Recordings, hear his exclusive music selection on our show. Week after we’re hosting Terry Whyte, scotish DJ and producer, founder of Creepy Finger Recordings. Recently we had his remix for Rausch&Metrik’s EP “Into Darkness”. Terry has received rave reviews as a highly prolific producer and attracted support from the likes of Luciano, Nick Warren, Troy Pierce and Richie Hawtin. Having also signed with Germany’s Der Hut and Argentina Krad Records, Terry’s releases are featuring consistently in the Beatport charts. Weekend Witness are Lithuanian based DJ duo, played probably in most of the venues and clubs all around the country, organised festival “Summer Music” back in 2015, glad to have their music on the show. And last, but not least – Ektoplazma, DJ and producer, co-owner of Plazma Records will present his mix on the show like resume of our releases. His mix includes all our latest releases, which includes Ian Cris, Rausch&Metrik, Occer, AGLR and Rosper so far. Hear it yourself. This season is biiiig!

Shows from Monday to Friday will be broadcasted on Digitally Imported, Wox FMKittikun and Seance Radio. Free download will appear here as always every Sunday. The best way to know who-where-when is playing – join our Facebook NOW!