Subtrail is a newly launched online platform that promotes the best techno with a minimal, psychedelic, and hypnotic approaches through their various verticals like premiers, the trail picks, and trail casts.

This movement aims to be a music promotional platform that promotes techno music that fits and flavor of minimal, psychedelic, and hypnotic vibe. It is also a go-to online platform for people to find new music and art in this music format style.

Subtrail was founded in May 2020 by two techno DJs and producers, Rohan Sable a.k.a Reclaim & Uddhav Khatri a.k.a Uddhav based out of India. Their passion for this style of techno brought them together. They felt the need to promote this style of techno and provide a platform for their audience to explore best of what today’s scene can offer.

I personally think this is a great filter in this extremely wide music world. Plazma personally worked with Reclaim, and always received only great outcome in whatever he had his hands on. So with all the confidence, we are more than happy to highlight their mission, as music is always connecting people.