Scotish deejay and producer – Terry Whyte, well known for his trademark sound and his hard work on Creepy Finger Records. He has a remix for Occer’s “Bed Bug” EP released back in January here on Plazma.

Played in various venues in Scotland, Hamburg and Berlin alongside Matador, Miro Pajic, Gary Beck and Uto Karem. Terry’s music has been supported by Marco Carola, Luciano, Nick Warren, Lee Foss and Richie Hawtin. Now we have him on the show with well selected music, try it out!

Full track list:

01 Elmar Strathe – Ran Into The Future (Tool Mix)
02 Nsound – Crank It Up (Original Mix)
03 Miro Pajic – Holographic (Original Mix)
04 Brojanowski – Pronto Telefon (Original Mix)
05 Jens Lewandowski – Lines Of Synth (Original Mix)
06 Overheads – Globally Black (Terry Whyte Remix)
07 Subtractive – Black Swan (Original Mix)
08 Ricky Ebner – Blooming (Original Mix)
09 Jens Lewandowski – Uppermost Operation (Terry Whyte Remix)
10 Ice Machine – Andromeda (Original Mix)
11 Fabio Florido – Magni (Original Mix)
12 Elmar Strathe – Anywhere (Original Mix)
13 Fer BR – Jack (Original Mix)
14 Paul Neary – Accusation ( Nuno Lisboa Remix)
15 SUDO – Simplicity (Original Mix)
16 Wahrlich & Carbon – Empty (Steven Campodonico Remix)
17 Gaiser – Facefall (Original Mix)
18 Len Faki – My Black Sheep (Radio Slave Remix)
19 Swann Decamme, Mark Howls – Curiosity (Original Mix)
20 Nasty Preacher – Trazom (Dan Gessulli Remix)