Spread over 2 days, festival visitors could check out no less than 53 international and national artists. On Saturday, August 18, Kozzmozz, Ohm and Kollektiv were the stage hosts on duty. Music-wise the SHDW & Obscure Shape duo was the highlight on the Kozzmozz stage, when they played their devilish good track ‘Himmel Und Erde’, all festival goers went nuts. Techno god Rrose knew how to make the crowd hungry for more on the Kollektiv stage. SP-X, from Form and Function, was the Belgian revelation on the Kollektiv stage. Chris Liebing, the driving force behind CLR and Spinclub Recordings, closed the Kozzmozz stage in 100% Voltage style.

A staggering array of techno, house and acid talents

On Sunday, August 19, Rimbu, Future Acid (the former Retro Acid) and Søndag took on the role of stage host. Some exclusive B2B sets were programmed on the Rimbu stage. It was clear that the Rimbu fans were most looking forward to the B2B set of Ancient Methods and Tommy Four Seven. The former power station completely exploded during their harsh set. A lot of Belgian talents were programmed at the Søndag stage. Nico Morano and Goldfox were the stars of the stage. It was remarkable that the return of acid music at a festival was greatly appreciated by the Voltage visitors. The Future Acid stage was always chock-full. On the Future Acid stage, the fans were most looking forward to the mysterious duo 999999999, they more than fulfilled the expectations. MPIA3, also known as Truss, closed the stage in an unrivalled way.

International visitors increased explosively

After four years of building their underground image with great passion, Voltage Festival was able to reap the benefits this year. The festival is definitely one of the best niche festivals in the world. No less than 6,000 visitors came to dance and party at the Transfo site. One in ten came from abroad. From the ticket information the organization could conclude that they had ticket buyers from 30 different countries such as Belgium, China, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, etc. Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States, …

On Saturday 3,500 festival goers attended Voltage Festival, on Sunday 2,500. The many (foreign) visitors created an unseen, ecstatic atmosphere.

Success formula

Voltage Festival has clearly learned from the past and invested in the future. For example, the new terrain layout was a big improvement, which was also appreciated by the visitors. For example, the organization had a staircase installed to go to the Turbine stage and the entrance to the Anode stage was moved for better circulation. There was also a completely new outdoor stage, which was given the name Rotor.

The amazing industrial location is and remains the greatest asset of the festival. The Transfo site is a redevelopment project of an old power plant. The site has a lot of historical value as it was built just before the First World War, in 1911. Many labourers have spent their days here to supply the residents of Zwevegem with electricity. During the weekend of 18 and 19 August, new life was blown into the former power station. This site fits perfectly within the central theme “Industrial & scrapeyard” of The Voltage festival.

On top of that, the weather gods overheard the organisation’s many prayers. It was a sunny weekend with peaks up to 25°C. The perfect weather conditions for a party underneath the stars.

Voltage Festival 2019

After two days of raving, it was an emotional farewell for the festival visitors. Next year, Voltage Festival celebrates its 5-year jubilee. We can hardly wait to see what the organization has in store on this occasion. Steven Van Belle, founder of Voltage Festival: “What was a dream four years ago, has become reality this weekend. The fourth edition of Voltage Festival was a huge success. We have gained a lot of experience in recent years and will use it to the full for our 5-year jubilee. Keep an eye on our page, because soon we will announce the date for next year. We are already looking forward to overwhelming our visitors even more. ”

Keep your selves connected, there’s an after-movie and some recorded performances appearing on www.voltagefestival.com any time soon!