Are you a music producer looking for a label to release your latest tracks?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh and exciting music to feature on our label, but please note that we have a specific sound in mind. We’re passionate about Minimal Techno, Deep Tech, Raw, Hypnotic, and Driving Techno – with a sprinkle of experimental flavor, of course. We’re looking for music that’s authentic, distinctive, and truly exceptional.

Before submitting your tracks, take a peek at our website and check out the releases we’ve put out in the past to get a better feel for our vibe. We carefully review all the demos we receive, but please understand that our response may take some time—typically 1-2 weeks. If we find your production intriguing, we will certainly reach out to you. Thank you for your patience.


You can share your link to demo by submitting the form below. Our requirements are:

  1. High quality – 320kbit/s mp3
  2. All tracks have to be named properly, for example, Artist – Title (Original Mix / Remix).
  3. Don’t submit cuts, only full-length and fully finished tracks.
  4. Please send your music only in PRIVATE Soundcloud link(-s).

Form for submission

Demo Submission