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Featured posts in Plazma Magazine

Electronic Dance Music: How It Became a Genre and Why EDM Isn’t Techno

Explore the evolution of EDM and its emergence as a genre in this insightful blog post. Discover how ...

Why Some Struggle to Like Techno and How to Fall in Love with the Genre

Why do some struggle to embrace the charms of techno? In this blog post, we unravel the layers ...

Ecstasy and the Divine: How Techno Raves Can Be a Gateway to Spiritual Experiences

The spiritual nature of techno raves has been a topic of discussion and fascination for many years. In ...

Melanta: “To me, authenticity is the cornerstone of evolution and a solid foundation for growth.”

Marijana Milanovic, also known as Melanta, is a multifaceted artist and wellness advocate whose journey through music is ...

Maxerface: “Techno is ideal medium for expressing abstract emotions and complex narratives in depth.”

Catch a glimpse of Maxerface, the disruptor transforming South Korea's electronic music scene. With his debut EP "Lethal ...

Turntablism Returns! DeeperLX Leads the Vinyl Revolution

Delve into the journey of DeeperLX, a vinyl DJ deeply rooted in the underground club scene. Originating in ...

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Curated electronic music DJ mixes

Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive

Brace yourself for a bassline-heavy onslaught!

Aural Hypnosis

Aural Hypnosis

Get lost in the hypnotic world of techno…

Midnight Grooves

Midnight Grooves

Traverse through the darker side of Minimal Techno!

Fresh & Summery

Fresh & Summery

Infuse your day with bright, positive energy…

Mellow Lounge

Mellow Lounge

Embrace the laid-back vibes and relaxing ambience…

Dark Department

Dark Department

Descend the rabbit hole, where shadows and echoes entwine…