This Thursday, get swept away in the lively ambiance of Club Zukunft, the haven of good music nestled in the heart of Zurich, Switzerland. Oscar Zillini, our co-founder and director of events, will be at the helm, ensuring it’s an experience that stays with you. 

Beyond his role at Plazma Records, he is intricately linked with the boutique creative agency House of Deep – known for its versatility, commitment, and cutting-edge approach.

Intuitively channeling the essence of his groovy sound, Oscar Zillini effortlessly gets you moving and hooked on the rhythm. During the event, Oscar will shine a spotlight on his favorites of the season, cultivating a rhythmic, darkish atmosphere that you surely won’t want to miss.

Adding to the excitement, the talented duo Two Of A Kind will grace the decks, ensuring an unmistakably successful night. Their driving and melodic sounds, coupled with unpredictable twists and turns, guarantee an inspiring experience. Over at Bar3000, Sodapop and Ponygirl take the reins, promising imaginative, dedicated, and fun vibes.

In the Waxy Bar, dive into playful psychedelic indie rock with Carve-Up! There’s a lot of creaking and rattling in the air, and a Waxy Music DJ set after the live show is just the perfect way to cap off the night. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary lineup – see you there!