Deuce Parks - Adjusted Signals EP | Minimal Techno Release at Plazma Records
  • RELEASE DATE /October, 29 2018
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital
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Release tracklist

Few words

This release has been planned long time ago. Due to Deuce Parks busy schedule playing and producing it took as a bit of time to bring this album to life.

The music you’ll hear on the 60th release of Plazma Records is invasion into autumn season with Deuce Parks debut album. Complete with four original tracks, covering most darkest and deepest sides in music and building absolute tensions and scariest mindsets.

Album will be out exclusively on Beatport from 15th of October, followed with all the rest of e-shops from the 29th of October. Find previews in this page, feel free to leave some feedback!

More to be announced!

Amazing reviews

Thats probably what is called signature sound. Much love for the incredible dark atmoshpere and these panned drum rolls which are typical for Deuce Parks. Keep up the good work!

– Nico García

Intricate but simple at the same time. Journey I like it.

– Josh Vincenzo

Really cool atmospheric tunes.

– Hc Kurtz

Nice production over here, thanks!

– Planctophob