• RELEASE DATE /January, 08 2018
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital
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Making Plazma Records debut is Shannon Davin with Hildr; a four-track album depicting only the most infectious sounds of the underground. Shannon has always had an ear for dark, groovy, minimalistic techno. His music is a seduction of the senses, tinged with an irresistible dark undertone that sets him apart as Sri Lanka’s fastest rising producer and creator of some of the most intelligent minimal music on the island.

Shannon Davin’s ‘Hildr’ is surrounded by deep and dark soundscapes, followed with remixes from Monococ and Folic State. Supported by Florian Frings, Optimuss, Swann Decamme, Rosper, Ochu LaRoss, and more. Discover our review of Hildr EP below:

The first track on the album – Shannon Davin – Hildr (Original Mix) – produces an intoxicating rhythm made strictly with the dance floor in mind. Stabs of ominous EVPs echo throughout the bassline, creating a haunting atmosphere that is sure to keep you dancing from start to finish. A perfect peak time play number that is guaranteed to take any sweaty, basement rave to the next level.

Shannon Davin passes the torch to Monococ for a stellar twist of Hildr. Whilst still keeping the vibe of the original, Monococ has done a fine job of transforming Hildr into a minimalistic masterpiece, hitting all the rights spots for a superb track that can transition from day to night seamlessly. Hypnotizing rhythms, warm snares, and snappy hi-hats; close your eyes and let yourself be transported to the utter most dance floors of the White Isle.

Shannon Davin delivers his second original on the album titled Volkov. The track chimes in all the right places, building up the groove through every kick as it prepares to launch you into the darkest end of the electronic music spectrum. Volkov has the ability to transcend dimensions, surpassing the realm of its natural habitat of steel warehouse structures with its roaring basslines and thick percussive melodies.

Completing the album is a remix of the latter from Mumbai’s very own Folic State. Infusing his skills and unique style, Folic State takes you on a journey through all shades of minimal techno. Groove, depth, darkness; these are all key elements which can be heard when listening to this track. Feel the music surround you as it materializes right in front of your eyes and ears.

© Marah Berezowsky

Amazing feedbacks

Always nice stuff on Plazma!!!

– Florian Frings

Great EP! Will play all.

– Anina Owly

Good job! Thanks for the music 😉

– Rosper

Nice music. Thanks 🙂

– Optimuss