Adriana Ray: ”Its a lifestyle, its self-expression, its a message”

December 21, 2020
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Adriana Ray has appeared on the label with her debut podcast a month ago, selection of her minimal and techno has left us surprised, and obviously, we placed a request for music. To make it special and highlight the values of the label we arranged again a female-only music release. Continue reading for more details about Adriana from her music, and personal life.

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Electronic Music for 1.5 Billion People

February 19, 2020
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A recent study by IMS Business showed that electronic music is the third most popular music genre in the world, estimated with 1.5 billion listeners. Survey of 19,000 consumers aged 16-64 in 18 countries; 32% revealed that typically they listen to electronic, dance and house music, ranking it way ahead of rap, R’n’B and hip hop music styles. Applying this to the global 16-64 y/o population would mean over 1.5bn people typically listen to Electronic Music.

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Dark Saw - Gogo (Original Mix)Dark Saw - Porros y Glitchs (Original Mix)Dark Saw - Perc Randomize (Original Mix)Dark Saw - Reser Arp (Original Mix)