ARIINA, formerly known as Adriana Ray, is a talented artist hailing from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. With her distinct and innovative approach to music, she has crafted a flourishing discography that showcases her authentic style.

ARIINA’s sound takes listeners on a dynamic journey, constantly evolving with each new release. Her tracks celebrate authenticity while embracing the pulse of progressive beats, creating an irresistible fusion that sets her apart from the rest.

Over the course of an impressive 13-year DJing career, ARIINA has brought her melodically cosmic techno style to countless stages across the globe. Her performances are nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving audiences in awe of her unparalleled talent and energy.

By the way, make sure to check out her latest release on Plazma called ‘Time wave.’

Learn more about ARIINA in her interview with us.

Adriana Ray | Artist at Plazma Records

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  1. 01 Adriana Ray - Time (Original Mix) Adriana Ray - Time Wave EP
  2. 02 Adriana Ray - Time (Hamandra Remix) Adriana Ray - Time Wave EP
  3. 03 Adriana Ray - Tunnel (Original Mix) Adriana Ray - Time Wave EP
  4. 04 Adriana Ray - Tunnel (Crescendoll Remix) Adriana Ray - Time Wave EP
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