Dragtones, a talented DJ/Producer hailing from Lebanon, immerses listeners in a realm of sonic artistry that resides on the abstract fringes of the Techno and Minimal. His musical creations weave together a captivating tapestry of dark, pulsating rhythms that drive the senses, while his groovy melodies unfurl like tales waiting to be told.

With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Dragtones exhibits an unyielding productivity that propels him swiftly towards greater artistic heights. As a result, he has swiftly gained recognition and acclaim within the music scene. His remarkable productions have found a home on prestigious labels across the globe, including renowned imprints in Germany, Mexico, Italy, and Argentina.

Beyond his studio prowess, Dragtones commands the stage as a DJ, gracing almost every techno party in Lebanon with his awe-inspiring sets. Sharing the spotlight with esteemed international luminaries like Daniela Hensel and Murat Ugurlu, he exudes a palpable passion for his craft. With an insatiable desire to venture beyond his homeland, Dragtones harbors a profound dream of traversing the world, spreading his music to enraptured audiences across diverse landscapes.


Featured release

  1. 01 Dragtones - Dark Universe (Original Mix) Dragtones - Dark Universe EP
  2. 02 Dragtones - Phenomenal Transition (Original Mix) Dragtones - Dark Universe EP
  3. 03 Dragtones - Dark Universe (Dikron Remix) Dragtones - Dark Universe EP
  4. 04 Dragtones - Phenomenal Transition (Ektoplazma Remix) Dragtones - Dark Universe EP
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