Malek Ales is an Slovenian Techno artists that harvest regular support from electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin. From Sonar Barcelona to Boiler Rooms and even the dark sweetly Italian clubs on his Plus8 tour. Playing since 2003 he is known for his intense and active performances with his Model1 being the center of his hybrid set-up.

Translating his emotions true electronics and music he won’t let you go home from a party without feelings of joy and belonging to electronic music scene. His tracks are dark and groovy with repetitive percussive elements, syncopating lines, addictive bass-lines and memorable leads. The energy is captured inside the tracks, arranged in a way that will grab your attention and will make you come for more.

Malek Ales has a minimalistic approach and is a versatile artist, producing a variety of micro genres inside Techno, leaving none electronic music enthusiast empty handed. His taste is on the repetitive side, with strong percussive elements allowing him to layer tracks on top of each other and crating new emotions on the fly.

In the past 4 years Malek Ales was releasing music under the alias Overheads together with his Russian friend Lie2you. The Overheads project was and still is very well successful on the Minimal side of Electronic Music allowing those two artists to produce tracks they normally would not in their solo productions. In 2018, Overheads debuted on Plazma Records with the EP “Black Wood”.

Starting his music career as a 10 year old Punc-Rocker, now sharing stages with big name artists, Malek Ales is deeply connected to the music scene and performances since his childhood, so it comes by no surprise that he is here for the long run, trying to make a difference and sharing his musical vision for everyone to enjoy.

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