Malek Ales is an Slovenian Techno artists that harvest regular support from electronic music pioneer Richie Hawtin. With a music career spanning since 2003, he is renowned for his intense and active performances, centering his hybrid set-up around his Model1.

Masterfully translating emotions through electronics and music, Malek Ales ensures that every partygoer departs with a profound sense of joy and belonging to the vibrant electronic music scene. His tracks exude a captivating fusion of darkness and grooviness, showcasing mesmerizing percussive elements, syncopated lines, addictive bass-lines, and unforgettable leads. With meticulous arrangement, each composition effortlessly commands attention, leaving listeners yearning for more.

With a minimalistic approach and versatility as an artist, Malek Ales explores various micro-genres within Techno, catering to all electronic music enthusiasts. His preference for repetition and strong percussive elements allows him to layer tracks seamlessly, creating new and ever-evolving emotions on the spot.

Over the past four years, Malek Ales collaborated with his Russian friend Lie2you under the alias Overheads. This project has seen great success in the realm of Minimal Electronic Music, enabling the artists to explore and produce tracks outside their usual solo repertoire. In 2018, Overheads made their debut on Plazma Records with the EP titled “Black Wood“.

Embarking on his musical journey as a young Punc-Rocker at the age of 10, Malek Ales has grown to share stages with renowned artists, demonstrating his deep connection to the music scene and a lifelong passion for performance. It’s no surprise that he is dedicated to making a lasting impact and sharing his musical vision with others, ensuring that everyone can enjoy and appreciate his unique contributions.

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