“Creating a moment caputured in time by a piece of music.”

Paul Neary is a DJ and Producer based in Kent, England. He specializes in minimal techno, where he tries to push the boundaries through unique sound design, with the drums and the bass taking center stage. “Less is more” is his concept, with tracks steadily gaining pace and building tension through the use of evolving minimal sounds.

As his dedication to music grew, Paul went on to study Music Production and Sound Design at Point Blank Music School in London. Sound design has been very important to Paul, who believes that shaping a particular sound is the best way of familiarising listeners with his music. His commitment to time in the studio is unquestionable as he spends most of his time in his recently refurbished haven. Paul’s tracks tend to take on a dark and spooky minimal style, fusing haunting percussion and delays which carry the melody. His stripped back style enables listeners to focus on intricate details which continuously transform.

Paul Neary | Plazma Records