We are absolutely delighted to welcome back ARIINA (formerly known as Adriana Ray), our incredibly talented artist from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan! With a distinct and innovative approach to the genre, she has crafted a flourishing discography filled with masterfully produced music.

ARIINA’s sound is a dynamic journey and ever-evolves with each new release. Each track celebrates authenticity while embracing the pulse of progressive beats, creating an irresistible fusion that sets her apart.

Having honed her craft over a remarkable 13-year DJing career, ARIINA has taken her melodically cosmic techno style to countless stages around the globe. Her performances are nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving audiences in awe of her unparalleled talent and energy.

Get ready to groove as ARIINA has prepared an electrifying mix that will set your feet in motion! Dive into the allure of her musical artistry and allow the rhythm to take you on a hypnotizing trip!

p.s. Check out her release on Plazma called ‘Time wave‘.