Hamandra is holding residency in every season for the past year. Last show was ranked 19th in the #minimal, 28th in the #minimal techno and 44th in the #deep techno chart at Mixcloud. Music she selected now introduces us with Stephanie Merchak, Domingo Caballero and Freddy Hetzinger production. There’s also few of her own upcoming tracks called Extraterrestrial and Cosmos, which is remixed by Ektoplazma and is coming out soon. Tune in the show for more!


  1. Scannt – Elkduck (Original Mix)
  2. Rise 1969 – Hassan the Notorious Liquifactionist (Original Mix)
  3. NFEREE – Vague (Original Mix)
  4. Stephanie Merchak – Und meine Antwort war nein (Original Mix)
  5. Freddy Hetzinger & Eric Schaich – Spock (Original Mix)
  6. Hamandra – Extraterrestrial (Original Mix)
  7. Hamandra – Cosmos (Ektoplazma Remix)
  8. Scannt – Dexen (Original Mix)
  9. Shlomo & AWB – Blind (Original Mix)
  10. Domingo Caballero – Hexa decimal (Original Mix)
  11. Malk, DaKooka, StarJam – All I Need (Original Mix)
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