Hamandra has been constantly developing and shaping her sound in electronic music. Her latest remix for Aka Skywalker for a track called ‘’The Myth of Five Suns’’ takes us into melodic and deep dimension, presenting high quality of creativity and production techniques. But most exciting, Hamandra’s album ‘Argonauts’ coming out with 4 original and 4 remix tracks by Planctophob, Freddy Hetzinger, Xenoscapes and Ektoplazma. Tune in the show to find out more!


  1. Xenoscapes – Deep Time Versus (Original Mix)
  2. Dopamin Synaps – Littlesheepwalker 77 (Original Mix)
  3. Mac Dephoner – Soledad (Original Mix)
  4. Xenoscapes – Sunday Session (Original Mix)
  5. Amelie Lens – Exhale (Original Mix)
  6. Johnny Aemkel – Growling In The Dark (Original Mix)
  7. Overheads – Black Wood (Original Mix)
  8. Popof – Bowo (Original Mix)
  9. Overheads – Guitar Hero (Dustin Holtsberry Remix)
  10. Cubex – Dark Matter (Original Mix)
  11. Spectre – Forged In The Heart of A Laserbeam (Skober Remix)
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