Ian Cris hosted previous week of Plazma Records Podcast with his exclusive mix. As we know Ian Cris is a Minimal / Techno music producer and a DJ, from France. He released his EP called “Illusion” at Plazma Records about a year ago, participated in other projects. More about him here and on the show!


  1. Archila – Little Helpers 294-7 (Original Mix)
  2. Massive Moloko & Robin Futaki – First Moment (Original Mix)
  3. Ian Cris – Solar Sand (Original Mix)
  4. Overheads – Bounce (Hc Kurtz Remix)
  5. Who & Who – Need the Book (Ahmet Mecnun Remix)
  6. Ian Cris – Rain on Zix Prim (Original Mix)
  7. Breger – Feeding a Dogma (Original Mix)
  8. Luigi Rocca – Muse (Original Mix)
  9. Ian Cris – Replicant (Original Mix)
  10. Alberto Ruiz – Radar (Original Mix)
  11. Tom Zeta, Moderon – No More Social (Original Mix)


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