• DATE /February, 14 2022
  • TIME /10:00 PM - 03:30 AM
  • ADDRESS /Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort Riedweg 156 PO Box 388 CH-3920 Zermatt

PLAZMA RECORDS SHOWCASE in the Swiss Alps, in the last city of the train line hosting minimal and techno events. The ALL NIGHT LONG four-month-long series is powered by VALAIS SOCIAL and sponsored by WOLFGANG STORE.

:: SARAH LYNN (COLOGNE, DE): Her musical journey took her first to psychedelic trance and techno festivals, where she lost herself in the wide variety of fascinating tunes and dancing. She always held a special devotion to music. Not long after, electronic music has become a constant companion, leading her to devote her free time to DJing and guiding her life through a technoid sea of sounds. A style Sarah Lynn holds now can be described as driving minimal with psychedelic cuts – “psychedelic techno” with dark progressive influences. Still some early-bird tickets available here >>

This partnership created limited edition black-on-black clothing, especially for the event series. Wolfgang Store brand is known for its simple, timeless, high-quality, and sustainable clothing. Not conforming to any trends, yet cool. With a youthful appearance, but meant to be worn by all ages. Utterly minimalistic and yet, full of emotions and the good feeling that we, through our pleasant materials and well-fitting cuts, deliver to the wearer. Feel good, look good. Check out their shop to get your good look >