• RELEASE DATE /April 19, 2024
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Few words

Prepare to plunge deep into the gritty world of industrial techno with Maxerface‘s “Lethal Machine” EP, where he showcases his prowess as a producer and sound sculptor. This album is a perfect representation of relentless machinery, merging industrial sounds with driving techno rhythms to deliver relentless twisted textures.

Each track serves as a musical quest through the inner workings of a factory floor: “A Flock of Hammers” expresses the sonic conflict between human and machine hammering, ultimately finding a groove in a techno rhythm. “Spinning Rotors” captures the sounds of constantly rotating machines, engines, and propellers through rhythmic pitch modulation. And as the third in the collection, “Lethal Machine” itself channels the chaotic energy of a bustling factory, while Deepyoon’s remix adds a fresh dose of dance floor dynamism, ensuring an electrifying experience from start to finish.

Amazing reviews

Great release. A Flock of Hammers is my fav. Thanks!


downloaded for r hawtin. FAVORITE TRACK: Maxerface – A Flock of Hammers

– Richie Hawtin

Thank you for the nice sounds

– Yako