Rosper - Astral Gate EP | Plazma Records
  • RELEASE DATE /May, 1 2017
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

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Few words

Mysterious Techno, lightweight and not chastised, is very well known by Rosper. By listening to those tracks you might feel like in a computer game, running around closed with nasty shouts of some kind of creature. While Unknwon Universe has totally different vibe, with more groove and little tasty drops, but still with the same strange creature in it.

There is also a version from Webby, who provides us more aggressive vibes with darkness in it. Hidden underwater sound in the background creates tension followed by effects and “creature’s” interruptions. Tastes like true Underground, solid and right Minimal Techno.
HC Kurtz is also here with the boys. He made a remix for Unknown Universe, which is opposite to the original, but has deep and spacious feeling, long build-up and great conclusion.

Every track touches the same height of Minimalism, providing undergroundish and danceable music. Just like we wanted to.

Amazing reviews

TOP EP! hard to choose favorites!

– Damien Fisher

Very nice Ep! Astral Gate Original for me.

– Ian Cris

Both remixes are massive!

– Raul Facio

Huge EP, Thanks! I like “Unknow Universe” original.

– Frederic Stunkel