Lola Jones – Plazma Records Podcast – 362

January 13, 2020
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Lola Jones’s journey to electronic music began at the age of 16 when she discovered Belgium’s techno temple, a worldwide known nightclub called ‘Fuse’. Lola’s first date with this music has left her in love with techno music, which over years has only just grown. As a result, she discovered and followed, shaped her music style from DJs like Richie Hawtin, Len Faki, Pan-Pot and much more. Eventually, in 2017 Lola Jones has launched her event series in Brussels called ‘The Underground’ at Zodiak Club. Next week on the 18th of January, Lola has her night aligned with the main guest Blacklight District. If you are in town, this gig is not to miss. More details on the show.

Ektoplazma – Plazma Records Podcast – 327

May 6, 2019
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On today’s podcast episode we welcome our co-founder and godfather of the label also a DJ and producer who takes the first show of May – Ektoplazma from Bremen, Germany. His minimal music has always been setting new boundaries for the rest of us. He’s never afraid of experimenting or adding new, never tried sounds and ways to his production and performances. Ektoplazma has been out of releasing & mixing competition in the scene, all because of his new vision to music. It is purely minimal overwhelmed with experimental and dark moods, his own spontaneous vocals and chords, synths within the mixing session. You will hear some of his unreleased and disturbing music here on the show. Ektoplazma has already left a mark in minimal industry and still keeps surprising with the music he delivers.

Brüx Brøthers – Plazma Records Podcast – 317

February 25, 2019
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For this show, we have invited duo DJ from Spain, Malaga – Brux Brothers. These guys are characterized as energetic and explosive techno music warriors. Each one of them has their vision in music and by playing b2b they combine it in the best manner and highest caliber energy. These guys are rising in Spain’s techno scene and already been recognized by major names across the world.

Hamandra – Plazma Records Podcast – 315

February 11, 2019
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Hamandra got involved in various genres of music. Previously Hamandra was just a music lover who associates music with universe, energy, and space. Once she met the love – her music journey got to another level and she shortly after discovered the art of production and deejaying. After about 2 years of development in music Hamandra published countless remixes and tracks on various compilations as well as her own albums ‘Sublunaris’ and the latest one ‘Argonaut’ containing 8 tracks in total with 4 remixes from Xenoscapes, Planctophob, Freddy Hetzinger, and the soulmate – Ektoplazma.

Grace Dahl – Plazma Records Podcast – 312

January 21, 2019
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Grace Dahl is making a name for herself with stellar DJ performances and flourishing skills for music production. She is having a release coming out early April on a label Everyone On Acid. Her latest track ‘Hereditery’ has received early support from Amelie Lens and Pan-Pot. We are delighted to be accompanied by Grace here on Plazma Podcast series, we impressed by her understanding of how music can work. Enjoy this hour.

Emiliano Schifrin – Plazma Records Podcast – 311

January 14, 2019
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Here with a DJ and Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina – Emiliano Schifrin. His style is dark and hypnotic, full of dark atmospheres and a powerful groove focused on minimal and techno theme. This character has just been recently in the scene and already received great support from major players. This mix was recorded exclusively for you and it contains some of the best underground music from artists like Ektoplazma & Hamandra, Mr. Red, Ian Cris, Sistal, Hefty and many more. Details on the show.

Ektoplazma – Plazma Records Podcast – 309

December 31, 2018
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In this show, Ektoplazma is playing bunch of unreleased tracks such as ‘Long Tale’ produced by himself, Danny Wabbit’s ‘Trip’ from his upcoming album on Plazma early in 2019 and of course one of the latest releases ‘Radiation Station’ by Deuce Parks which came out 29th of October with absolutely outstanding minimal energy. Also, there are tracks by Sasha Wins, Niukid, Kirill Mator, Max Cornflower, and Gesaffelstein during this hour.


Siles – Plazma Records Podcast – 308

December 24, 2018
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We invite Siles from time to time on the show. He’s a well-known DJ and producer from Spain, Valencia. Undoubtedly one of the most important ones in Spain techno industry. Siles has established a residency in the legendary club Baracca for nearly 10 years now. Over this time he brought in and played alongside most recognized names of minimal and techno music. More details about Siles and Plazma label on the show.

Deuce Parks – Plazma Records Podcast – 306

December 10, 2018
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This hour we have an exclusive guest mix from our label member and friend from Austin, Texas – Deuce Parks. His music has a unique dark and groovy touch, followed by emerging bass lines and flowing atmospheres. Now it’s been numerous music collaborations, the latest one from the 29th of October and called ‘Adjusted Signals’. EP combines four original tracks who represents his signature sound locked here for the next hour.

Josh Vincenzo – Plazma Records Podcast – 305

December 3, 2018
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The first one of Winter sessions we have invited Newcastle native, but now London based DJ and Producer – Josh Vincenzo from Mr. AfterParty Records. Josh Vincenzo has also recently participated with Plazma Records. He did a remix for a track called ‘Black Wood’ for Overheads EP, shortly after he had debut mix on our podcast series. So it’s been a while since we heard Josh in the mix, that’s why he’s here again with most awesome tracks of minimal and techno industry.

Christian Hornbostel – Plazma Records Podcast – 303

November 19, 2018
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Christian has gathered quite a big crowd of followers for many years with his consistent output of quality and varied styled productions. He’s an artist that seems to have the ability to turn his hand and magic into many styles of electronic music whilst his consistency, quality and presence always remain at the forefront. This hour is exclusive of Christian’s performance just for Plazma Records Podcast. Enjoy!

Klines – Plazma Records Podcast – 302

November 12, 2018
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London based DJ and producer – kLines with his exclusive music on the show. Paddy influences from all genres of music including heavy rock and alternative, his music taste has morphed and is now focused on the darker and stronger side of techno music. This weekend me, Josh Vincenzo and kLines were visiting Bristol’s club Basement 45 where the amazing night was held, Paddy was playing peak time set from 1:30 to 3 AM. What it’s all about, here on the podcast.

Shannon Davin – Plazma Records Podcast – 300

October 29, 2018
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Anniversary show with our resident Shannon Davin. He has been delivering quality music for the past few years, album Hildr with remixes from Monococ and Folic State has been released on Plazma Records back in January 2018. That’s one definitely to hear, as well as the next hour here with exclusive music from Sri Lanka.

Max Cornflower – Plazma Records Podcast – 299

October 22, 2018
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For this show we have invited a techno warrior from Ekaterinburg, Russia to showcase music gems – Maksim Vasilkov or more known as Max Cornflower. Maksim has laid a strong and serious type of music since 2014, his beginning of dark techno and minimal music journey. You’ll explore various types of electronic music flavors within this hour. Make sure to leave feedback and show some love to Max Cornflower.

Danny Wabbit – Plazma Records Podcast – 298

October 15, 2018
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This new face in the scene has exploded in such a short time. His production is made of simplicity and minimalism and emphasizes the vibrancy of the dark atmosphere. That’s what caused our attention to Danny Wabbit, so far we are having his remix for ‘Fireflies’ by Matteo Martinelli 17th of November. Tune in for more, that’s an hour of entertainment.

Mirko Antico – Plazma Records Podcast – 297

October 8, 2018
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Please find our guest of the night – he’s a deejay and producer, mainly stimulating minimal techno music from the shores of Adriatic sea, from Pescara, Italy – Mirko Antico with an exclusive guest mix here on our weekly show for the next hour.

Ektoplazma – Plazma Records Podcast – 296

October 1, 2018
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This show is dedicated to our resident and founder of Plazma Records – Ektoplazma. He’s a minimal and techno producer from Bremen, Germany. Constantly shaping his sounds to perfection. Ektoplazma starts this mix with his upcoming release named ‘Slave Again’, keep your head up for the release date. Enjoy the show and scout for his new releases on afterward.

Mr. Red – Plazma Records Podcast – 295

September 24, 2018
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Our guest is a music producer and a deejay from New Delhi, India and he’s been involved into deep tech, minimal and techno music for quite some time now and he’s known as – Mr. Red. Over the years, Rohit has carved a stellar space in the ever-growing list of producers who have taken the Capital and most metropolitan by storm, leading to a subculture of Minimal & Techno enthusiasts.

Deuce Parks - Degenerate Souls (Original Mix) Deuce Parks - Deep Damnation (Original Mix) Deuce Parks - Degenerate Souls (Hamandra Remix) Deuce Parks - Deep Damnation (Ektoplazma Remix)
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