Adam a.k.a Abstrakt broke into the scene back in 2016 with his debut EP on Egothermia called Blue & Grey. Since then he found the sound he carries now and so far delivered crushing music on Smashead, Ballroom, Sector Black and many other record labels. Besides his original music Abstrakt released few remixes with Christian Hornbostel, Monococ and Tim Taste back in January of 2019.  Abstrakt releases an EP, called ‘Invergence‘ on Plazma Records on 22nd of November 2019. Learn more about it and read his interview here.

Abstrakt (UK) | Plazma Records Podcast


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  1. 01 Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence (Original Mix) Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence EP
  2. 02 Abstrakt (UK) - Inflation (Original Mix) Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence EP
  3. 03 Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence (Ben Champell Remix) Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence EP
  4. 04 Abstrakt (UK) - Infaltion (Konfusia Remix) Abstrakt (UK) - Invergence EP
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  1. 01 Abtsrakt (UK) Plazma Records Podcast - 331
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