Nikolay Ivanov, known by his alias Damne, is a talented and forward-thinking techno artist hailing from Lipetsk, Russia. His fascination with electronic music took root during the surge of Minimal Techno, igniting a creative journey that has resulted in a distinct sonic persona characterized by style, intrigue, and rhythm.

In music production, Damne utilizes a blend of melancholic organic textures, industrial rhythms, and ambient melodies. With a focus on modular synthesis dialogues, his music is characterized by rich arrangements and meticulous attention to spatial layers.

A versatile performer, Damne seamlessly navigates between DJ mixes and hybrid live performances. As a creator who places emphasis on mindful expression, Damne’s focus goes beyond mere technical mixing – he’s dedicated to weaving compelling narratives that resonate deeply with the dance floor.

Highlighting his featured release on Plazma Records, Damne joined forces with Speed Mode for an EP titled ‘Funk for Punk‘. With a spectrum of remixes by Eme Kulhnek and Dark Saw, this release catapults listeners on an intense and immersive Techno trip through industrial raw techno patterns.

Looking ahead, Damne aspires to push artistic boundaries further, break through these barriers, and connect with audiences beyond borders. With a desire to not just be part of the scene but shape it, Damne continues to evolve, leaving an indelible mark on the world of techno music.