Techno and minimal music producer born in Florence, Italy, now based in Firenze. He grew up listening to pop and rock music since early 2000s. Some time after once Matteo has developed clubbing experience he decided to take a turn into electronic music and create his own unique signature sound. In the couple years of his production he scored great releases with labels like Circulate, Mazzinga, Mind Games and Plazma Records. EP that we released with Matteo Martinelli is called ‘Drones & Dragonflies‘, it includes four tracks in total, two of them originals by Matteo himself and two remix tracks by Verv and Danny Wabbit. EP was released last year 19th of November and was ranked 11th in Beatport‘s Top 100 minimal/deep tech chart. Shortly after Matteo’s music has received huge support from Fabio Florido, Florian Frings and Carl Ruetz. His music is still firing up until this day worldwide on various dance floors. Listen to his music and read a cheeky interview we did a week ago.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Good question. I’ve never had clear ideas.

When and where were you when you discovered what you wanted to do / what you do now in terms of music?
I’ve spent a long time clubbing and listening to tracks and sets on the internet. When I arrived at a certain point, I’ve wanted to understand the art of djing and then the art of production. So almost 3 or 4 years ago, I think, I’ve downloaded a trial version of Ableton Live and I’ve started working on it in my bedroom. I’ve made so many bad music in the first couple of years. Trust me.

What does success mean to you?
Simple. Have a satisfying life. In music, be able to correctly express my ideas. I think it’s the first step to happiness. Be happy with yourself.

Who or what inspires you to do what you do? People who you look up to?
I have a lot of inspirations but I’m trying to be me. 🙂

What is the biggest challenge/sacrifice you have made or have to make in doing what you do?
I’m not able to live making music at the moment, so my challenge is to find the right time to dedicate to production and to learning and mastering techniques.

What would you like to achieve during this year, what is ahead in 2020?
I’m currently working on sound engineering and mix-down techniques. I want my music to be as similar as possible to my ideas. Then it’s time to learn some mastering, I think.

You just released your four track EP on Plazma Records. What can you tell us about the inspiration and production behind both tunes, up and down sides?
It was a very creative period. I was able to do about a dozen of tracks in term of one month. I let the music go. I always start jamming and I don’t know where to go. It’s hard to explain my creativity moments. I don’t know. They arrive and then go away.

In terms of gigs, what is planned in the coming months, where and which gig of yours was latest?
I’m not into djing at the moment. I want to strictly concentrate on production.

Tell us where you come from and what type of electronic/underground music scene your city has?
I’m lucky. Here in Florence, the city were I come from, we have Tenax club. It is one of the biggest in Italy and I’ve been lucky to see there all of the most famous artists in the scene.

What do you think makes a great DJ?
Musical taste and empathy with the crowd

Who are your biggest influences in electronic music right now?
If I have to do some names, I admire Richie Hawtin’s forward thinking mind, Recondite’s production abilities, Fabio Florido’s purity as an artist and as an human being. I forgot. I admire all the artists that take position about the world problems and take advantage of their position to send positive messages to the fans and the audience.

Aside from music, what do you like to do in your free time?
Free time??? (laughs). I’m a sporty guy. I train almost everyday. ”Mens sana in corpore sano”, they say.

Can you finish this sentence, “Music is …” ?
Music. What else?

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  3. 03 Matteo Martinelli - Drones & Dragonflies (Verv Remix) Matteo Martinelli - Drones & Dragonflies EP
  4. 04 Matteo Martinelli - Fireflies (Danny Wabbit) Matteo Martinelli - Drones & Dragonflies EP
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