Shannon discovered music at the age of 9, from thereon, went on to promptly fall in love with it. It wasn’t until he discovered Techno that he was a complete ‘goner’, as they say. Music just had to be a part of his life and Shannon had dreams of producing it himself.

Life, on the other hand had different plans and he found himself at the helm of a console. Today, Shannon mostly plays dark, groovy Minimal, Techno and likes surprising his listeners by keeping it fresh with regular switches, quirky bass lines and brand new music. Watching a dance floor connect with his music inspires him both as a Producer and DJ, and his unique personality is clearly evident when he’s on the decks and you’re bound to pick up on an obvious change of energy and sound. His inherent star-quality is infectious and tends to get under your skin, whether you like his music or not.

His need to pay utmost attention to detail, guarantees that his productions are always perfect. So much that he’s even managed to grab the attention of labels in Europe and America including that have culminated in multiple releases in 2015. He has also played multiple events in Sri Lanka and India.

Shannon’s music is a seduction of the senses, tinged with an irresistibly dark undertone that sets him apart as Sri Lanka’s fastest rising producer and maker of some of the most intelligent minimal music on the island.

Shannon is also a co-founder of RUM (the Reverb Underground Movement), a collective of young DJs and producers that have been creating unique entertainment experiences for young audiences, around the music since early 2015.

Current Location
Sri Lanka

Record Labels:
Plazma Records | Plunk! | Dark Face Recordings | Patent Skillz Records | Berlin Aufnahmen

Shannon Davin | Artist at Plazma Records

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