Cactus Twisters are best known for their original and sophisticated sets, in which they combine groovy & hypnotic techno with dark atmospheric sounds. One good example of that is the remix they did for Noah Edward for a track ‘Tortured Lust’ which was released back in August 2017 on Plazma Records. Also guys recently been playing alongside Slam and DJ Sodeyama at Antwerp’s club Vaag and Brussel’s club Zodiak. Tune in the show to hear it yourself!


  1. Rebel – Marrae (Original mix)
  2. Jamie Anderson – Falken’s Maze (Original mix)
  3. Sin Sin – Beast Inside (Original mix)
  4. Need – Treja (Original mix)
  5. The Southern – Default1 (Original mix)
  6. Cari Lekebusch – Gurgle (Original mix)
  7. Secluded – Eternal (TWR72 remix)
  8. Russell (IE) – Warcall (Joran Van Pol remix)
  9. Lucas Aguilera – Expiatorios (Original mix)
  10. Ovi M – Victim (Minitech Project remix)
  11. Slam – Disconnect (Original mix)
  12. Echologist, MATRiXXMAN – Freeway (Original mix)
  13. Thomas Hofknecht – 22.8 (Andre Kornett Dub)
  14. 2pole – Ratio (Original mix)
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