Ryan Michael Robbins is a deejay and producer, co-owner of Fierce Animal Recordings from San Francisco. He’s now in the scene for quite long time, he’s been recognised for mysterious blend of minimal, techno & dark tech music. Besides that, Ryan is Project Manager and Audio Engineer at Dark Star Audio, providing services to top labels and artists. All of this gained him high skills in the scene and is up-and-coming artists today. Listen to his exclusive guest mix here.


  1. Christian Craken, Mateo! – The Elephant (Mateo! Remix)
  2. Dani Sbert – Sirenas (Original Mix)
  3. Gaga – Harm’s Way (Original Mix)
  4. Damien Fischer – Inhibition (Original Mix)
  5. Metha, Mateo! – Psycho (Mateo! Remix)
  6. Reza Golroo, Ryan Michael Robbins – Walk On Red Light District (Ryan Michael Robbins Remix)
  7. Ryan Michael Robbins – South City (Original Mix)
  8. Maksim Dark, Ryan Michael Robbins – Flying Apes (Ryan Michael Robbins Remix)
  9. Shannon DavinHILDR (Original Mix)
  10. Reza Golroo – Afterlife (Original Mix)
  11. Ryan Michael Robbins – Liar (Original Mix)
  12. Ryan Michael Robbins – Machine (Original Mix)
  13. Ryan Michael Robbins – Darling (Original Mix)
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