Our mysterious and magical Hamandra comes on the show every season. Every time she surprises too. This hour-long minimal selection includes her own production, as well as some of our latest releases. More about her in detail on the show!


  1. Hamandra – Equilibrium
  2. Deep’a & Biri – Quantum Eraser (Original Mix)
  3. Exos – Alien Eyes (Original Mix)
  4. John Haden – The Door (Original Mix)
  5. Mathame – Prophecy (Amelie Lens Remix)
  6. Hannan Hakim – Maku (Original Mix)
  7. Nikita Zabelin – Brooklyn Train (Exos Remix)
  8. Svarog – Settling (Original Mix)
  9. Karim Alkhayat, Danny WabbitPsychosis (Original Mix)
  10. Monoloc – Michigan Lights (Original Mix)
  11. Hamandra – Dark Night of The Soul (Original Mix)