Meet Mexcalito, the rising star of the techno scene. With his peculiar style, this young producer and DJ is becoming luminary on a global scale.

When he’s not traveling or performing, you can find him in his second home – the studio – where he spends most of his time creating tunes, characterized by frisky and deep rolling basses, experimental hypnotic grooves, and psychedelic tones that take the crowd on an multidimensional journey.

But he is more than just a talented musician – he’s a true hedonist who believes that togetherness is essential in life. He’s an integral part of organizing parties and creating a sensual vibe and atmosphere that leads to a deep energetic level of mind.

His unique mixing style is a fusion of techno, zenonesque, and minimal, with a funky drive that will kick you into a frenzy on the dancefloor.

So if you’re ready for an exceptional experience in your musical journey, join us and Mexcalito on this adventure!