In the heart of Italy, a sonic sorceress emerges – NIKI J, a young DJane and music producer with an unbridled passion for the harder, darker domains of techno. NIKI J’s love affair with music began some time ago. Amidst a rich variety of musical influences, it was electronic dance music, especially hard techno, that completely bewitched her.

Having honed her DJing craft for several years, NIKI J ascended to prominence in the local club scene. Undoubtedly, her DJ performances are true musical storms, with thunderous basslines and rhythms that carry listeners away to the depths of the underground.

But there’s more to this young talent. NIKI J is also a successful producer, defying conventions with every bone-rattling beat she creates.

Are you ready to be swept off your feet by NIKI J’s exclusive, high-energy set?