239th radio show is dedicated to Joel Donoso a.k.a. Niukid / Breadman – Dj and music producer from Huelquén, Chile. Joel concentrates on Deep Tech, Minimal Techno, Psychedelic, searches for profound and psychedelic sounds. This time Niukid’s exclusive mix for Plazma Recods consists of Up-And-Coming artist, signed with particular type of techno. Hear it yourself!


  1. Niukid – nn (Original Mix)
  2. Alex Clavijo, Bassel Darwish – Keygen (Original Mix)
  3. Alvaro Martin – Savoi (Original Mix)
  4. Ian Cris – Mentally Organized (Original Mix)
  5. DeepNotic – Desdoble (Original Mix)
  6. Florian Frings – Genetic (Original Mix)
  7. Dikron – Infected (Original Mix)
  8. Pek PT – Spike (Original Mix)
  9. Breger – Cementina (Original Mix)
  10. Damien Fisher – Panic (Original Mix)
  11. Steven Campodonico – Unbalance (Original Mix)

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