Please welcome a friend, well known dj and producer from Ireland, Galway – Qugas. He’s been in the scene for over 15 years now, building music under techno and minimal basis, also running Login Records and streaming live show Casual Friday. Take a ride for a minimal hour. Comments welcome!


  1. Medu – Natarash (Doubtingthomas ‘Dub’ Remix)
  2. Schuttle – Meed Trope (Edmonson’s Fellini Dirge)
  3. Andres Jaramillo – Disruption (Original Mix)
  4. Aantigen – Neo Jungle (Original Mix)
  5. Ring – Divorce (Original Mix)
  6. Klarius – Tertip (Original Mix)
  7. Djosh – Underground (Original Mix)
  8. Chris C., Jaime Mayer – Drana (Original Mix)
  9. Chris Main – Dreaming (Emerik Remix)
  10. Ben Preisinger – Over Silence (Original Mix)
  11. Bolgarin – Muza (Broken Version)
  12. Kevi Anavi – Winter In Your Smile (PRT Stacho Remix)
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