Our resident Gorddino presenting you his favorite tracks by Breger, Victor Ruiz, Wigbert and some freshly released tracks by Damien Fisher, Christian Craken and HC Kurtz. Consider this mix as a pre-party for upcoming Plazma’s Showcase!


  1. Breger – Rental or Grib (Original Mix)
  2. John Haden & Pete Laskis – Freakshow (Original mix)
  3. Damien Fisher – Me & My Shadow (Original Mix)
  4. Victor Ruiz – Jaws (Original Mix)
  5. Drunken Kong – Secret Garden (Rob Hes Remix)
  6. Alex Mine – Seconds (Original Mix)
  7. Wigbert – Airplane (Original Mix)
  8. Cactus Twisters – Hormos (Original Mix)
  9. Noah Edward – Prava (Shannon Davin Remix)
  10. Rosper – Unknown Universe (HC Kurtz Remix)
  11. Christian Craken – Dominus (Original Mix)
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