Svarog is a Ukrainian techno artist, drawing inspiration from ancient mythology. His name originates from Ukrainian folklore, representing the god of metal, fire, and the forge operator. Under this moniker, Oleksa Moroz, a musician and DJ from Lviv, Ukraine, has crafted a unique musical identity.

In 2015, Svarog embarked on his musical voyage with the release of his debut EP. Ever since, he continues to fascinate listeners with his seamless integration of textures and ambiances, striking a harmonious balance with the driving beats. With a focus on modern and futuristic sounds, Svarog’s performances transcend passing trends and simplistic approaches. They entrance listeners with their soulful essence, offering an experience that resonates with intelligent dancefloors worldwide.

For the occasion of Svarog’s interview with us, he presents a meticulously crafted music set exclusively for Plazmatic Sessions, which was recorded live at the “Introversia” event series, where Svarog not only performs but also plays a key role as one of the organizers. Prepare to be immersed in the depths of his artistic expression through his hypnotic and introspective sound.