Allow us to introduce Hekdros, a dynamic collab formed by Ektoplazma and Hamandra. As co-owners of Plazma Records, they gracefully blend their shared love for music and each other, taking on a dual role to illuminate the world with the latest gems from Plazma, allowing the audience to traverse the ever-evolving landscape of the label’s releases.

Hekdros, the amalgamation of their names, becomes a portal to a world where they seamlessly weave their distinct mixing styles and musical visions. Ektoplazma, a devotee of purely minimal techno, infuses the sets with experimental undertones and dark moods, conjuring spontaneous chords and synths. Hand in hand, Hamandra’s soul resonates with atmospheric, deep, raw, and hypnotic Techno. Together, they merge these styles to create a multifaceted experience.

Step into the world of Hekdros, where music and love intertwine.