Violent Blondes recorded us a true underground techno mix, revealing London’s underground scene worldwide.
Representing Civil Disobedience Records and teasing with ‘Birthday Cake is Dead’ from 5 track upcoming album.
More on the show!


Track list:
Demiurge Of Blackest Grain To Missive Ruin (VB edit)
I hate models – dont be afraid of the light
Gëinst – Telepath
Markus Suckut – Your body
Yan Cook – Gl_tch
Dave Simon – Triab
Violent Blondes – Uncontained Jealously
Denise Rabe – Sunday Blue Rrose remix
Tommy Holohan – Kap22
Unknown Archetype – Voyerism
Jeanne – Stars
Matt Mus & Dolby D – Blackview
Interferon – Slum Complex
JeromeHill – Xpansions

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