Rausch&metrik - Into Darkness EP
  • RELEASE DATE /December, 05 2016
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

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Few words

Fellas Rausch&Metrik debuted on December 5th on Plazma Records label. Their track “Into Darkness”, which blazes dark Minimal Techno, immediately enchanted our attention, as well as Ektoplazma’s, Ian Cris’es and Planctophob’s remixes.

Their productions are remarkably influenced by underground parties, the varied club scene in Hamburg and also by many Techno and electronic events like the Fusion Festival, Nation of Gondwana, or even the Indian Spirit Festival.
By combining their different production skills in perfect harmony, they found the key to develop a very own style, which will reach tops. Also, we had them on the show with their special mix, listen and look for free download.

Amazing reviews

Nice work on Into Darkness Original Mix, love that slightly energetic minimal groove. Full support!

– Johan N. Lecander

Nice mix of styles. Will try to play them all 😉

– Occer

Good job!! Thanks for the music 😉

– Rosper