Plazma Records Showcase in the Swiss Alps, this winter in the last city of the train line hosting minimal and techno events. The ALL NIGHT LONG four-month-long series is powered by Valais Social and supported by Wolfgang StoreOur events are for the visitors, always a priority to create unforgettable atmosphere and emotion, memory for everyone involved. This unique approach to the event with four girls on the decks, once a month from January to April.


Her eclectic music and style consistently give the dance floor an element of surprise. She seamlessly weaves together deep, progressive, sensual, punchy, energetic, and addictive experiences. As an artist the music is her painting; it reflects her mood. The color is the theme; aspiring to captivate an element of design that will give its uniqueness and style.

With Amavii’s senses and the event location, the always red and sexual message wrapped in all night long minimal and techno event at the Cervo Mountain Resort, Grapes&Juniper room till 03:30 AM will leave you speechless and craving for more.


This partnership created limited edition black-on-black clothing, especially for the event series. Wolfgang Store brand is known for its simple, timeless, high-quality, and sustainable clothing. Not conforming to any trends, yet cool. With a youthful appearance, but meant to be worn by all ages. Utterly minimalistic and yet, full of emotions and the good feeling that we, through our pleasant materials and well-fitting cuts, deliver to the wearer. Feel good, look good.

– Limited Capacity. Private event.
2G+ COVID Certificate required.
– Tickets from 5 CHF, later from 10 CHF.

Available on the doors or Resident Advisor.

Below is the latest exclusive podcast mix by Amavii for Plazma Records.

Plazma Records Showcase: AMAVII