Italian blooded Newcastle native Josh Vincenzo has an undeniable and passionate love for everything techno. His resilient approach to DJ’ing, over the years, has earned him a strong reputation within the local scene landing him a number of residencies across the city. Forever eagerly mastering his craft, Josh has an ever-growing catalogue of productions which has seen him release on labels such as Kombo and Pure TNT Records.

From years on the dance floor and with heavy influences from artists such as Richie Hawtin, Gasier and Julian Jeweil Josh has with precision developed his own sonic signature. A master of high energy and big room sounds he never fails to fill a dance floor of any size or stature and always leaves his audience thirsty for more.

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  1. 01 Josh Vincenzo - Psyche (Original Mix) Josh Vincenzo - Psyche EP
  2. 02 Josh Vincenzo - Psychotic Break (Original Mix) Josh Vincenzo - Psyche EP
  3. 03 Josh Vincenzo - Psyche (Monococ Remix) Josh Vincenzo - Psyche EP
  4. 04 Josh Vincenzo - Psychotic Break (Malek Ales Remix) Josh Vincenzo - Psyche EP
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