• RELEASE DATE /January, 20 2023
  • LABEL /Plazma Records
  • FORMAT /Digital

Release tracklist

Few words

Fresh character in the label sets the bar for the rest of the year. Alexis Moralez debuts Mauler EP alongside our family members Malek Ales and Debora Grzeszczuk. Most of this release is mildly fast-paced techno, with our signature dark element. Learn more about Alexis and the interesting details about the release production in his interview with us here!

Amazing reviews

Nice one, remixes work better for me. Debora’s minimalistic vision is nice

– Planctophob

cool tracks.. will play! thanks!

– Folic State

downloaded for r hawtin. Favorite track: Alexis Moralez – Mauler

– Richie Hawtin

Nice ep 🙂 my favourite track – Mexicutionier

– T-Krau