Roger has been meticulously carving out his own niche in the electronic scene in Austin, and has gained significant success. His music is often noticed and support by major scene acts all over the globe. Hear his hour long story.


Rato, Light Breath – Priton (Original Mix)
Optimuss – Hard Work (Original Mix)
Gruener Starr – Liebe (Original Mix)
Damne, Valde Bene – Noir (S Doradus Remix)
Damne – Bal (Original Mix)
Brian Gros – Not Always (Original Mix)
Gruener Starr – Nehcal (Original Mix)
S Doradus – ZLO (Original Mix)
Ricky Ebner – Magnum (Original Mix)
Maksim Dark – Mental (Original Mix)
Maetrik – Ninex 7-c (Original Mix)
Tom Flynn – No Limit (Original Mix)
Deuce Parks – Data Breach (Original Mix)

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