In the latest episode, #580, the compelling journey of Eme Kulhnek, a Mar del Plata-born artist currently thriving in Buenos Aires.

Embarking on his artistic quest in 2016 as a producer, his music, with a minimalist touch leaning towards techno, has left an indelible mark.

Remixing tracks for renowned artists like Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, and Marco Bailey, Eme has seen his creations find a home in labels such as PLUS 8, Second State, Senso Sounds, Kneaded Pains, and Refused.

Don’t forget to check his recent releases, 444 Series and Teqwave, along with Dark Wave, Plazma, and AXTK from various corners of the globe, showcase the expansive reach of his musical craftsmanship.

And now, tune in for a pulsating heartbeat of Argentine techno!