Our resident Hamandra with her seasonal mix this week at Plazmatic Sessions. It includes a track from our upcoming EP by Malek Ales. Tune in and enjoy!


  1. Fabio Florido – Equanimity At Night I (Original Mix)
  2. Clotur – Forbidden Dimension (Original_mix)
  3. Psyk – Outline (Original Mix)
  4. 0010X0010 – Escape From Rodeo Drive (Original Mix)
  5. Grimes – So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (ANNA Remix)
  6. Keith Carnal – Untold (Original Mix)
  7. APHE – Sleepless (TiM TASTE Remix)
  8. Malek Ales – Photon (Original Mix) (Upcoming at Plazma Records)
  9. Ida Engberg – The 8th Fire (Original Mix)
  10. Feral – Reaching the Peak (Original Mix)
  11. Hamandra – Alternate (Original Mix)
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