Hailing from Lithuania but now calling Germany home, Hamandra (also known as Indre Komskyte-Karlove) was born with music coursing through her veins. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that she found her soulmate, who ushered her into the world of music production and sparked a journey of self-discovery that would change her life forever.

Influenced by greats like Ektoplazma, Aphex Twin, Scuba, Ben Klock, and Boxcutter she’s developed a unique style that blends Minimal, Techno and Experimental Electronica rhythms with melancholic atmospheres. Her music is an immersive trip that takes you through extended breakdowns, creating an unparalleled experience with each track.

Hamandra finds inspiration in the mysterious and incomprehensible vastness of space and the universe, a theme that often resonates in her work. She’s also a co-owner and artist at Plazma Records, and has gained widespread acclaim for her recent EPs “Alchemist” and “Ancient Astronauts,” as well as her remixes of Mitod‘s “Orbit“, Deuce Parks‘ “Degenerate Souls” and Adriana Ray‘s “Time Wave,” all of which were released under Plazma Records.

Although Hamandra has been mixing music since 2016, it wasn’t until 2020’s Plazma Records Showcase in Zermatt, Switzerland that she debuted as a DJ. Her sets are a hypnotic journey that often shifts between experimental sounds and minimalist, atmospheric, raw, and hypnotic Techno.

„Music is only an extension of your inner consciousness and that it is also an expression of the divine within that is crying for manifestation.“ – Sri Chinmoy

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Hamandra - Artist at Plazma Records


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  2. 02 Hamandra - Transmutation (Luca Accardi Remix) Alchemist EP by Hamandra
  3. 03 Hamandra - Alchemist (Original Mix) Alchemist EP by Hamandra
  4. 04 Hamandra - Alchemist (Debora Grzeszczuk Remix) Alchemist EP by Hamandra
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