Ektoplazma is a Dj, music producer and Co-Owner of Plazma Records. His minimal music has always been setting new boundaries for the rest of us. He’s never afraid of experimenting or adding new, never tried sounds and ways to his production and performances. Ektoplazma has been out of releasing & mixing competition in the scene, all because of his new vision to music. It is purely minimal overwhelmed with experimental and dark moods, his own spontaneous vocals and chords, synths within the mixing session. Ektoplazma has already left a mark in minimal industry and still keeps surprising with the music he delivers.

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DJ, Producer
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Ektoplazma | Plazma Records


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  1. 01 Ektoplazma - Opal Eye (Original Mix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  2. 02 Ektoplazma - Traveling Objects (Original Mix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  3. 03 Ektoplazma - Opal Eye (Qugas Remix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  4. 04 Ektoplazma - Traveling Objects (Mitod Remix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
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