Ektoplazma, also known as Mantas Karlovas, wears multiple hats as a DJ, music producer, and Co-Owner of Plazma Records. Emerging from shadowy dimensions he reflects his fascination with mystery in his dark and enigmatic music. Fearless in his approach, Ektoplazma embraces experimentation, incorporating novel sounds and techniques into his productions and performances.

Having distanced himself from the conventional releasing and mixing competition in the scene, Ektoplazma’s unique vision of music shines through. His style is characterized by pure minimalism intertwined with experimental and dark moods, featuring spontaneous vocals, chords, and synths seamlessly woven into his mixing sessions. Ektoplazma has already made a lasting impact on the minimal industry and continues to surprise with the innovative music he delivers.

Ektoplazma | Plazma Records


Featured Release

  1. 01 Ektoplazma - Opal Eye (Original Mix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  2. 02 Ektoplazma - Traveling Objects (Original Mix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  3. 03 Ektoplazma - Opal Eye (Qugas Remix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
  4. 04 Ektoplazma - Traveling Objects (Mitod Remix) Ektoplazma - Back to Black EP
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